Blues can be tonic forthis age of upheaval

| Juliana Chen 26 Jun 2019

"Trust is the most important part of a relationship, closely followed by communication. I think that if you have those two things, everything else falls into place."

These words by Filipino-American television host and beauty queen Vanessa Lachey may sound platitudinous.

Nevertheless, with trust and willingness to communicate, there is no problem in this world which cannot be solved.

The current impasse arising from the extradition bill is no exception.

To build mutual trust and enhance communication, experts in crystallography recommend blue crystals as catalysts.

In descending order of effectiveness, the prime candidates are aquamarine, blue topaz and lapis lazuli.

According to pundits, discovery of such healing properties followed centuries of research and empirical evidence.

Since blue crystals contain water energy and correspond to the throat chakra, they work well for the clearing of communication blocks and paving the way for the revelation of truth.

Reputed to be a stone of courage, aquamarine's calming power reduces stress and inspires trust.

Moreover, its soothing hue promotes an affinity with sensitive people and invokes tolerance of others, rendering support for those overwhelmed by responsibility.

These ethereal qualities had earned aquamarine the status of a supreme talisman for sailors.

Folklore has it that these azure crystals were kept in mermaids' treasure chests.

Blue topaz is another semi-precious stone widely used in accessories (such as pendants and cuff links) for professionals.

Even though the bright blue crystals now available on the market are mostly heat-treated for color enhancement, their property of boosting inner strength has not been affected by this lab process.

A gem manifesting joy, generosity, abundance and good fortune, blue topaz is known to release tension and encourage relaxation.

It helps smooth out communication channels and bring truth and wisdom.

The third blue gem - lapis lazuli - is an opaque stone with a sapphire blue shade marked with unique variations of gold and white specks from calcite and pyrite that are in their own right lucky crystals.

The deep blue hue is associated with self-expression, awareness, and the ability to boost enlightenment and spiritual transformation.

In view of its metaphysical properties in stimulating the thought process, lapis is an excellent stone for journalists, executives and psychologists.

It is also known to aid intellectual analysis and problem solving for lawyers.

Crystallographers advise clients to wear lapis for all kinds of deep communication because this stone of truth encourages honesty of the spirit and restores harmony in relationships.

Retired senior civil servant Juliana Chen is a passionate crystal collector who shares the good things in life

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