Rooms with a worldview

| Siu Sai-wo 24 Jun 2019

Wing Tai Properties invited me to visit two of its luxury residential projects at Kau To Shan. Each has different types of units that fetched record prices in the district, so I was naturally eager to see them.

The three homes we saw were carefully selected for our visit to showcase their respective uniqueness: a unit in a multistory building that boasts a special terrace and two detached houses.

Facing a mountain, the apartment unit's terrace commands the view of multilayered scenery.

Having an open view is one advantage of living in a multistory building besides the obvious one of not having to go up and down stairs. And this kind of property is favored by some rich customers.

We then saw a detached house, which is adjacent to one that broke the price record at over HK$50,000 a square foot.

Set in European continental style landscaping with delicate internal fittings, it overlooks Tolo Harbor. The exhilarating scenery of rolling greenery and the sea greeted us the moment we stepped in.

Designed by the renowned Yabu Pushelberg studio, the most unique part of the project is a 5,000 square foot director's house. The end unit has a bold metal theme that the developer's representative described lightheartedly as "Iron Man's house."

Its curved architecture, spacious interior and a master bedroom taking up an entire floor sets free the imagination for creative design ideas.

After viewing the exquisite properties, we had lunch at the clubhouse and chatted about the prospects of local properties.

Wing Tai is a Singapore consortium that has been operating in the Hong Kong market for many years.

Someone noted that Hong Kong is a magnet for capital, and Southeast Asia alone represents a major inflow source.

That the SAR is blessed as a land of prosperity is because wealth here can flow freely to all parts of the world. The only other place in the world that can rival us is London.

Siu Sai-wo is publisher of Sing Tao Daily

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