Heat on police chief over Jesus taunt

Central Station | 20 Jun 2019

Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo Wai-chung should apologize for how an officer provoked a clergyman by asking him to "bring Jesus here to see me," according to a judicial review application filed by former court clerk Alan Tam Chi-fai.

The provocation during the extradition bill protest last Wednesday exceeded the bounds of police power and offended believers, he stated in the writ.

Tam listed the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China and Lo as interested parties.

He also said it was ridiculous and illogical for the officer to make such a request as Jesus is a non-natural person, and all believers, including himself, were offended and uncomfortable as they felt they had become "secondary victims".

Tam also said the Police Force Ordinance does not authorize officers to religiously discriminate against people while enforcing the law, or be blasphemous toward people's religious beliefs.

He requested the court announce the officer's request was ultra vires, illegal and unreasonable.

He also asked the court to order Lo to apologize to the public in accordance with the Apology Ordinance.

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