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| 19 Jun 2019

Have you ever considered learning a new language like French? Wine and champagne, sophisticated cuisine, French perfumes… – who doesn’t love What France has to offer?

If you don’t want to be like a typical lost tourist in the middle of France trying to find your way in Paris or the French countryside, you should definitely consider taking a French course in Hong Kong before you visit!

Start learning some French beyond “Bon jour” and “Ça va?” and pick up some basics to help you around! French Tutors Hong Kong introduces a wide range of French courses for beginners who want to get a taste of the French language as well as more advanced learners.

How are the French courses at French Tutors Hong Kong?

They only organize small group French classes of maximum 5 students, to make sure that all classmates can follow up in the class. Not only this but a small group class size is essential to guarantee that there is interaction between all the classmates and also with the teacher. Since learning a language like French is not easy, having a small group class environment will help students to make them feel more confident and interact more in class.

What things students typically struggle the most with taking a French course?

They usually find French hard to pronounce, so pronunciation is one of the hardest points that most students find. The second most common problem is listening as ell as confidence in speaking. For improving speaking learning in a very interactive environment where teacher forces students to interact is essential.

How long do I need to learn French to be able to use the language effectively?

To be able to speak about all the topics that you encounter in your daily life (for example food, home, work, your city, hobbies, daily routines etc.) you will need to complete around 70-80 hours of French learning. Usually these 70-80 hours are separated into 3 courses. After finishing them students will achieve the full A1 level which covers all the basic topics and would be able to get an official certificate of their French level.

When do the French lessons take place?

As most adults work, the small group French courses are organized always on weekday evenings at 7.15pm or during Saturdays. Sundays usually all the French teachers will have a day off. If this schedule doesn’t fit the student private lessons can be organized any time or the student is welcome to form his/her own group with friends.

What is the progression path like?

After completing the first French course in which the level is A1.1, students can automatically go to level A1.2. The schedule will keep  the same for every level as well as the teacher and the classmates, as far as the schedule fits the majority of the class. After level A1.2 students will take level A1.3. Upon finishing it they would have achieved the full A1 level. After A1 there is level A2, B1, B2 and finally C1. C1 is equivalent as the level of a French native speaker!

For more information regarding the French courses that French Tutors Hong Kong offers:

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