Canada follows EU lead on plastics

World | 11 Jun 2019

Canada will start banning single-use plastics within two years.

Items to be banned will be determined by a science-based review, but authorities are eyeing water bottles, plastic bags and straws after taking cues from European Union plans.

The European Parliament voted in March to impose a broad ban on single-use plastics to counter pollution from discarded items that end up in fields, waterways and seas.

Member states need to vote on measures, but they will include action against plastic products for which reasonable alternatives exist starting in 2021. Disposable utensils will not be banned entirely, but the EU wants them made of sustainable materials.

The legislation will also set a goal of having plastic bottles 90 percent recycled by 2025 and litter from the 10 items that turn up in oceans most often cut in half.

China's decision to no longer import some of the EU's waste has helped spur action.


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