Mom vows never to leave son alone again

Local | Staff reporter 23 May 2019

The mother of a primary six student who fell from a fourth floor window while trying to collect his hanging uniform said she will never leave him alone again.

The 42-year-old mother, surnamed Cheng, was arrested by police on Tuesday after leaving her 12-year-old son alone at their partition flat in Tsuen Wan.

He fell from the fourth floor on to a canopy on the first floor, as he tried to collect his physical education clothes, which were hanging outside to dry.

Cheng said her son fractured his leg, which was fitted with a cast, and broke a rib, and remains in hospital.

While the boy's injuries will take time to heal, the mother's worst fears were alleviated as doctors told her he hadn't suffered any brain damage.

She admitted being worried she may be charged with child neglect.

Cheng told reporters she married her husband in the mainland, where her son was born. He appeared to be more active than other children when he was a year old, but doctors in Shenzhen didn't notice any problems.

In subsequent checks in Hong Kong, the boy was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Those with the disorder are usually restless, have difficulties focusing and act impulsively.

He used to take medication daily, but after he suffered a stomach ache about six months ago, he stopped taking the pills upon consulting with doctors. He continued to visit doctors for regular check-ups thereafter.

The mother believes her son's fall had nothing to do with his medical condition.

She described the fall as a "fortune out of misfortune" and vowed to be more careful in caring for her children.

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