Going ape on Goodall

Local | Bernard Chan 22 May 2019

Jane Goodall, born in England in 1934, is probably the world's best-known primatologist - an expert in apes. She is particularly famous for her work with chimpanzees, which she started to study in Africa when she was in her 20s.

Her research involved close observation of chimpanzees in the wild. She found that - contrary to what many people had thought - chimps could use tools and would eat meat as well as plant-based foods.

Most of all, she noted that animals in many ways behaved socially like humans. They could cooperate, show emotions and had distinct individual personalities - but were also capable of aggression and violence.

She started to promote awareness of the relationship between humans and chimpanzees and other species, and established a foundation to encourage conservation.

The Jane Goodall Institute particularly focuses on young people. Even in her 80s, she still tours and lectures.

Hong Kong is about to have an opportunity to learn more about Jane Goodall and her work.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is presenting an exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Science titled Becoming Jane: Inspiring a Shared Planet.

The exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into her scientific discoveries and her work in promoting conservation and the involvement of young people in protecting the natural world.

As well as covering the fascinating subject of chimpanzees, the exhibition also encourages young people to be aware and active in protecting the environment.

The show is from May 24 to October 2. See https://hk.science.museum/ for details.

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