Chaos as the devil takes over

Local | Georgina Noyce 21 May 2019

The devil is in Amber this week and, as always, there is no way to tell where or when that devilish streak will strike.

It might just be that she is bored, or maybe it is an imbalance in brain chemistry. Whatever hits her on a regular basis turns the rest of the family upside down.

Jack the Yorkshire nipper is avoiding Amber because she trapped him under the coffee table for several hours, smacking at his head each time he tried to get out from under the table. Amber never let Jack get far enough out to see what was attacking him, so he eventually curled up and slept on the floor.

It was funny at first, watching him try different places to leave, only to receive a thump whichever route he took. A cat version of "wack a mole" with Jack as the poor, abused mole.

After weeks of leaving them alone, Amber is once again deliberately knocking spectacles on to the floor and then batting them under furniture so they appear to have vanished into thin air.

She has ripped an unopened letter into tiny shreds, so that not even a forensic scientist could work out who it was from, as most of it then ended up inside Bonnie Pomeranian.

Molly mongrel's retractable leash disappeared for 24 hours because Amber managed to slide it across the floor, into anther room and under the sofa and no one thought to look for it there until desperation had us pulling the house apart in the search.

She's making elderly Sassoon uncomfortable by staring at her - except she is doing it by watching Sassoon in the mirror, so when Sassoon gets that itchy-neck feel of being spied on and looks around for the spy, Amber is innocently sitting with her back to the room, using the magic of reflection.

Bonnie Pomeranian is coming off worst though, as she curls up to sleep, only to have all three kilos of Amber pouncing down and smothering her until the tiny dog yelps in surrender or until Molly mongrel chases her away.

It doesn't matter how much I ponder why Amber cat does something, I am never, ever, going to get inside her head and truly "know" what makes her tick.

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