Hotel-blacklisted migrant placed on bond after assault

Local | Daphne Li 17 May 2019

A mainland migrant, who was blacklisted and had his prestigious membership revoked by a five-star hotel, was yesterday placed on a 15-month good behavior bond for assaulting one of the security guards of the hotel after the magistrate condemned him for embarrassing the mainland.

Li Qiang, 50, was a VIP member and frequent guest at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers in Tsim Sha Tsui, but he was blacklisted for repeatedly causing a nuisance at the bar.

On November 24 last year, Li became agitated after he and his two friends were denied entry to the hotel after trying to barge in.

He took his frustrations out on a security guard by punching him in the chest and pushing him to the ground before fleeing the scene.

The hotel manager immediately alerted the police. Li was subsequently arrested in his apartment in February.

Li, who migrated to Hong Kong through the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, was subsequently charged with common assault.

But the prosecution yesterday dropped the charge on condition that Li was placed on a 15-month good behavior bond and fined HK$2,000 as part of a binding over order by the court. He was also forbidden from entering the hotel during the good behavior bond period.

Principal Kowloon City Magistrate Bernadette Woo Huey-fang criticized Li for embarrassing the mainland and failing to live up to the country's expectations.

"The country permitted you to migrate and settle in Hong Kong," she said. "But you were so snobbish that you insulted the country's expectations had on you. Are you embarrassed of yourself?"

Woo added that as Li is now a Hong Kong resident, he should be more mindful of his behavior so that he doesn't embarrass the SAR.

She also said even though Li is an investor in Hong Kong, he should not be arrogant.

Woo said the Sheraton Hotel will put up with unruly customers once or twice, but they will eventually blacklist them if they repeatedly cause a nuisance.

She said if Li's three children, who live in the United States, act in the same manner in hotels there, the incident could turn into a shooting and lead to a tragedy as security guards and police officers in the United States are not as easy to cope with as those in Hong Kong.

She also advised Li to be a role model for his children.

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