Disney ups ticket prices 3pc

Top News | Amy Nip and Stella Wong 24 Apr 2019

Visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland must dig deeper into their pockets from today with the theme park increasing admission prices by an average 3 percent.

While new prices apply to tourists immediately, Hong Kong residents have a two-month grace period. So they start paying more from June 25.

The new price for a one-day ticket for adults increases to HK$639 from HK$619 - an 3.2 percent hike.

For children aged between three and 11 the price increases by 3.7 percent to HK$475 from HK$458.

Two-day tickets for adults and children will be priced at HK$825 and HK$609 - increases of 3.3 and 3.4 percent respectively.

The last increases were in December 2017, when Disneyland raised prices a day after Ocean Park did so.

"Prices of tickets are adjusted due to various factors, including operational costs and business necessities," a Disneyland spokeswoman said.

It is the mildest hike since the park opened in 2005, she added.

Prices for people aged 65 or above and Magic Access Memberships remain unchanged.

But memberships for frequent visitors are going up.

A Silver Magic Access Membership for adults will cost HK$1,278, rising from HK$1,238.

And higher up the scale, Platinum goes to HK$3,599 from HK$3,491 while Gold goes to HK$2,059 from HK$$1,999.

For Magic Access memberships expiring before May 28 next year there is a 20 percent discount on new prices for the first year and 30 percent for a second if renewed before the end of November.

It was in February that Disneyland announced it was in the red for a fourth straight year, though its net loss fell by 84 percent to HK$54 million from HK$345 million the previous year.

It achieved record high revenue of HK$6 billion for the fiscal year, up 18 percent on the previous year.

It also saw earnings of HK$1.4 billion before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, marking a 48 percent increase. But it saw a net loss due to depreciation and the cost of operating new features.

Tourism sector legislator Yiu Si-wing said although there was no huge hike the HK$639 one-day ticket was expensive.

"Overseas customers who haven't been to Hong Kong Disneyland are not likely to be affected by the HK$20 rise," he said. "However, there will be a relatively larger effect on the local market, which accounts for 40 percent of visitors."

He said the current discount provided by Disneyland to SAR citizens is not sufficient, especially as Ocean Park has launched different discounts for residents.

And Ocean Park said yesterday it does not plan to raise prices.

But Yiu thinks the admission hikes alongside the opening of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge could help Disneyland see a profit this year.

News of the hikes follows the opening in March of the latest Marvel-themed attraction, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle.

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