Uber driver jailed for upskirt videos

Local | Charlotte Luo 22 Mar 2019

A part-time Uber driver who filmed upskirt videos of female passengers with a hidden camera was sentenced to two months' imprisonment and fined HK$2,000.

With 883 videos found on his phone, Wong Yiu-long's family wrote in a mitigation letter that he hadn't had sex with his wife over the past decade, prompting him to seek improper gratification elsewhere.

Wong, 44, earlier pleaded guilty in Sha Tin Magistrates' Court to a charge of driving a motor vehicle for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward, and one count of committing an act outraging public decency.

Judge Winnie Lau Yee-wan said the case was serious, as the filming was premeditated. In some videos, the inner thighs of women passengers were filmed.

Lau said that to protect the public interest, she had to hand down a deterrent sentence. The defendant said the videos weren't released to public, but only for himself to view.

Nine letters in mitigation were presented in court yesterday.

Wong's family described him as a good husband who needed to take care of his wife who suffers from a bipolar disorder.

They had a dysfunctional relationship, including not engaging in sex for the past 10 years, causing the defendant to resort to illegal means to satisfy his needs.

Wong’s lawyer said he worked in logistics sector for more than 10 years. His recent job was at a courier firm, earning HK$30,000 per month.

The firm was satisfied with his performance and planned to promote him to management. But because of the case, he was asked to resign. Wong worked part time as a Uber driver, making about HK$2,000 monthly. He worked 8 hours at his full-time job on weekdays and another six hours three days a week with Uber.

Wong had made a mistake in not using the right approach to relieve pressure, which he deeply regretted, the lawyer said.

Wong said the filming was only for the pursuit of "a moment of pleasure." When exposed, he was ashamed as the whole world knew of his crime. He wanted to say sorry to the victims, his wife, son, and to the community.

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