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Central Station | Nury Vittachi 22 Mar 2019

Urine-favoring artist Candice Lin is coming to Hong Kong next week for an art festival.

In one US show, she displayed various items in a mixed pool of liquid porcelain and urine. "It kept deepening, because she had invited visitors to add their own to her supply," a reviewer said.

At a Los Angeles show, Candice provided drinks and food in the gallery space - and then asked for the urine of the participants in return.

Art Basel opens in Hong Kong on Friday next week. I don't know what she will be doing, but I'm going to meet friends to have a large amount of drinks at a bar beforehand.

And probably just stay there.

* * *

Pharrell Williams, singer of the mega-hit song Happy ("Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof") will be staying at the new Rosewood hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui on Monday. I hope they build a room for him on the roof of the hotel with four walls but no roof. See if he really likes it.

* * *

"You buy a pack of this stuff and add water to make a K-pop star," said reader Albert YC Min, who sent this image from South Korea.

* * *

A story set in Hong Kong is winning global plaudits on Netflix's new adults-only animation series Love, Death and Robots, I heard from a US friend.

I looked it up and found it was one of those classic Chinese stories in which ghostly women change into foxes and back - a centuries-old trope here, but original to a Western audience.

"It's a genetic thing," I told the Netflix fan. "Westerners evolved from apes but Asians are descended from foxes."

Americans believe pretty much anything. "In Hong Kong, we go to work by rickshaw because it's more environmentally friendly."

* * *

On the internet yesterday, a Japanese online game player said he had a sneaky scheme to cheat against mainland Chinese opponents.

"I text them back 'June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre' in Chinese language, then BOOM! That poor Chinese guy's internet access is cut off," he wrote, claiming to have done it several times.

But members of Reddit said the claim was fake - censors can't monitor real-time chats on international online games. Yet.

* * *

Supreme Leader Carrie Lam will be visiting Guangdong's bizarre "ghost" racecourse today.

A fancy full-sized racecourse is maintained in a place called Conghua but Hong Kong style big bucks horseracing is strictly banned in China, because of the betting element.

Owners use it for showjumping, and Hong Kong racehorse owners rent bits as "spare bedrooms" for storing horses.

Why are they maintaining it and why are government officials visiting?

The Jockey Club is the richest organization in Hong Kong.

If Conghua is ever set free, it would be the richest organization in China.

So everyone is very very nice to them.

* * *

People in China are paying small amounts of cash to be praised online, a CNBC report said this week.

For 15rmb (about HK$17) a stranger will post things like "you're amazing" for three minutes on social media channels.

It reminds me of the things the ladies say in the bars in Wan Chai's Lockhart Road: "Hey, big boy, you so handsome, it my birthday, you buy me drink, I love you too much." Nobody's fooled.

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