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| 15 Mar 2019

Tale of Tales World Cruise offers fascinating interactions

Silversea guests continue to enjoy a range of enrichments aboard Silver Whisper on the World Cruises' 2019 journey. Crafting a truly enriching range of enhancements for this year's cruise, Silversea has put together tailored events, performances and a variety of experiences for guests to capture the essence of immersive travel.

Part of this endeavour is the concept of Tale of Tales, which invites renowned speakers to share their insights on travel and the world.

Starting off with Pico Iyer for the inaugural 2019 departure in February, guests were treated to a lecture by 'arguably the world's greatest living travel writer' entitled 'The World We Seldom See."

Next on board was another Tale Teller Saroo Brierley, who shared his remarkable childhood experience with guests. Brierley told his story of losing his family at a train station in India and getting adopted by an Australian couple; his childhood was incidentally adapted into the Oscar-nominated film, Lion.

Harold Koda delighted guests in the ship's Venetian Lounge with his lecture on how we communicate through fashion, titled 'Inconstant Beauty: Allure Across Cultures." Meanwhile, fellow Tale Teller Laksmi Pamuntjak, the award-winning novelist, poet, food writer and journalist shared her talk "Poetry, History, and the Sea."

Apart from the illuminating talks and lectures by the Tale Tellers, guests were also treated to a pre-voyage gala dinner and a varied range of deep travel experiences as part of the immersive enrichment programme. Both on board Silver Whisper and in sailed destinations, guests are privy to cultural performances that reflect the authentic beauty of the world.

Local performers wearing traditional dress performed an indigenous cultural show in Marquesas in French Polynesia, a blend of iconic Aparima and Haka dances, while at the Musee de Tahiti, another cultural performance "Greeting the Tahitian Gods" showcased local talents; and at the famous Sydney Opera House, guests enjoyed a performance of La Boheme.

Soon joining Silver Whisper for the Tale of Tales World Cruise 2019, Tale Tellers Steve McCurry, Jeremiah Tower, Paul Theroux, Sophy Roberts and Tahir Shah will also share their unique, creative insights with Silversea's guests to enrich the cruising experience.

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