Suspect in knife attack shot by Macau police

Local | Phoenix Un 4 Feb 2019

Macau police shot a mainland man in the thigh after he allegedly stole a bag and injured a resident with a knife.

This was the second incident this year in which Macau officers have fired their weapons. An officer fired a warning shot on January 3 after an attack when stopping three drunk mainlanders smoking outside a hotel.

The latest incident happened at 12.15am yesterday when a 31-year-old mainlander, surnamed Fu, entered an eatery on the Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa in the Northern District and stole a customer's bag.

The victim, together with two of his friends, stopped the mainlander on the Rua Dois da Cidade Nova de Toi San but Fu slashed one of them in the right arm with a 10-centimeter knife.

Fu then took MOP$100 from the bag. The Judiciary Police found Fu near a residential building on Rua 2 Iao Hon at 5am.

He resisted arrest and pushed officers away, pulling out a knife.

An officer took out his gun and warned Fu, who ignored him. The officer then shot Fu in the thigh and arrested him.

Vong Chi-hong, head of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the officer fired a shot since he felt that his life was in danger.

He said Fu, who was taken to hospital, was an illegal immigrant who had entered Macau seven or eight days ago. He had been deported from Macau for overstaying on January 11.

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