Blackpink has me singing du du du don't

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 29 Jan 2019

Hong Kong's social media pages are overflowing with blurred smartphone images from the recent visit to the city by Blackpink, a K-pop group of four suspiciously perfect young women.

Amazing what they grow in labs these days.

The group is known for their international hit song Ddu Du Ddu Du, with its deep, poetic lyrics: "Hit you with that Ddu Du Ddu Du."

Blackpink's other hit is Boombayah and goes like this: "Boombayah yah yah yah boombayah yah yah yah boombayah yah yah yah yah boom boom ba boom boom ba oppa."

I never thought I'd say this, but come back, Justin Bieber, all is forgiven.

* * *

Incidentally, the Blackpink girls stayed at The Murray, a new hotel in Central.

It's a rare thing: a beautifully preserved colonial civil service building from the British Hong Kong era.

Inside story: the Murray Building used to be the office of a civil servant who was eventually commissioned to work on preventing the best bits of Central from falling to the wrecking balls of Hong Kong's ravening property developers.

She and her colleagues chose Tai Kwun, the PMQ and (wisely) their own former office building.

Her name? Carrie Lam Cheng yuet-ngor.

* * *

Staying with meaningless words, the Hong Kong taxpayer (thanks, guys!) sponsored Henry Pang and colleagues from a local comic book company called zbfghhk (not a misprint) to attend a graphic novels festival in France.

No, I don't know how to pronounce zbfghhk in French, or Chinese or English or any earth language.

What is it about comic book people and difficult names? One of Superman's villains is Mr Mxyzptlk, and another is Miss Gzptlsnz.

* * *

One wonders if there is any hope for Hong Kong's Nine and Three Quarters Cafe, now being pursued by Harry Potter's scary lawyers?

The magic-themed restaurant in Mong Kok is decorated with wizards and broomsticks, plus a shopping trolley embedded in a wall. Lawyers from Warner Bros, owners of the Harry Potter copyright, are spitting blood.

The cafe owners have always said that it is a general magic-themed restaurant, not a Harry Potter one.

Maybe the restaurant owners can fight the lawsuit after taking a glass of Felix Felicis, a Harry Potter magic potion that makes the drinker successful in every endeavor.

Felix Felicis is right there on the cafe's drinks menu.

On second thought, it's probably better if no one mentions that.

* * *

Why are the doors strangely wonky inside the new Central-Wan Chai Bypass tunnel, as this picture shows? Apparently wall-makers followed the lines of the tunnel and the door-makers followed the lines of gravity. I think they should all just pretend it's art.

* * *

Alibaba's Jack Ma was spotted dining with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao in Wan Chai over the weekend.

Reporters were puzzled as to how they knew each other.

Inside story: Ma once made a short action movie in which he played an action hero who can defeat anyone.

The credits of the movie include brief scenes of various famous tough guys, including Pacquiao, threatening to track down Ma and beat him up.

So either Pacquiao finally tracked down Ma to beat him up or the original threat was a gimmick, and the two are actually friends. You choose.

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