Big fat film fest to mark year of the pig

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 9 Jan 2019

A big thumbs-up to the Hong Kong government's film archive team for organizing a wonderfully politically incorrect film festival.

The theme is funny fat people.

Viewers will see "six films featuring figurative and literal comedy heavyweights" on February 7 and 9 at the Hong Kong Film Archive cinema in Sai Wan Ho.

The government is calling the festival "A Big Fat Happy New Year."

It has been organized, the official press release says, "to mark the Year of the Pig." (I am not making this up.)

I think viewers will particularly enjoy a 1956 black and white movie in which big girl Tam Lan-hing "plays a marriage-hungry woman who provides a feast of laughter with her flirtatiousness."

It is called Fatso Married Skinny.

Do not bring extremely politically correct Western friends. They will die of horror.

* * *

In related news, Hong Kong children consume too many sugary drinks, doctors said recently.

Parenting tip: cut your child's cola intake by shaking the can rapidly before you hand it over.

* * *

The god of ramen opened his first shop outside Japan yesterday - and it's in Hong Kong.

Hayashi Takao is famous for two things: the transcendent taste of his ramen and the bizarre randomness of his shop names.

One restaurant in Osaka is called "Human Beings Everybody Noodles" and another is "The Most Deserted Ramen-Bar In The World."

Both are always packed.

His new shop on Wellington Street in Central, is called "Ramen Cubism" although none of the food is cubic.

Rationalism is overrated. Just get in the queue.

* * *

Reader Nicholas Palevsky was intrigued to read in yesterday's column that the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama would be female, following the lead of Doctor Who.

"Maybe the Dalai Lama could appear as the next incarnation of Doctor Who?" he suggested.

Daleks: "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Dr Dalai Who: "Peace be with you, dear tormented alien cyborg."

* * *

Reader Matt Hamann pondered a puzzle when he saw this car on the road: "How can someone be old enough to drive a car and yet want their name next to Hello Kitty stickers in a pink car?"

* * *

The US government today is worse than communist regimes at their worst, tennis superstar Martina Navratilova ranted on Twitter yesterday.

"Trump truly trumps the communists," she said.

Unfortunately, her statement arrived at the same time as yet another report about hundreds of thousands of Muslims being forced into detention camps.

This columnist replied: "Martina, if you genuinely believe what you say, you can have my flat in Hong Kong, I'll take your house in the United States, and we'll both be happy."

She didn't reply.

* * *

Going back to movies, the box office take in Hong Kong cinemas grew by 6 percent to HK$1.96 billion in 2018, industry analysts reported recently.

Yay for the Hong Kong film industry!

Wait. Eight of the top ten films were from Hollywood.

The other two were Korean.

Never mind.

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