Sweet Sophia's sour text to sugar daddy

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 28 Dec 2018

Australia's Herald-Sun newspaper yesterday printed a scary text message that a Hong Kong expat woman sent to married Australian politician Andrew Broad after a flirtatious dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui:

"I have all your seedy messages and will go public with my story if you don't transfer the allowance of HK$8,000 into my PayPal account by the end of the day. And believe me, I'm fully aware of how much more I could get if I went public to the papers with my story."

She did go to the newspapers and Broad resigned (this column, December 18).

The Hong Kong-based woman, who advertised for a "sugar daddy", uses the name Sweet Sophia Rose, but her real name is Amy Keating, the Daily Mail reported.

* * *

It was funny to hear a pro-Beijing legislator complaining on RTHK radio yesterday about the excessive number of mainland visitors. He didn't complain when President Xi Jinping came with a huge entourage.

* * *

The unhappy "boat people" of Discovery Bay are spending their final few days in their motor yachts at the soon-to-be-shut marina.

I'd be more sympathetic if they hadn't spent years boasting to everyone that the advantage of living in a houseboat is that they can instantly sail off to a new home whenever they like.

* * *

Hong Kong is the best place on earth for a long and healthy life, researchers discovered this week.

Previous surveys always gave that title to countries such as Norway and Australia.

But researchers at Italy's Bocconi University said the usual human life index was flawed because in most countries the rich live much longer.

So they recalibrated the statistics to show places where people of all classes enjoy longevity and health care - and Hong Kong shot to number one.

* * *

People in Hong Kong are abandoning cash for cards. Monetary Authority statistics show a 16.8 percent jump in credit card transactions compared to the previous year.

Psychologists say this can be dangerous to your personal budget because you feel no pain when you buy things with cards.

I model the correct attitude by shedding actual tears when I give my children their pocket money in cash.

* * *

Several countries recently expressed suspicions that Huawei's high-tech gear may be a security risk. With excellent timing, the company unveiled the "Huawei Sparkling Christmas Interactive Zone" at Hong Kong airport. I think it's supposed to be a Christmas tree, but it's actually a giant, steel grey cone, resembling a missile with screens.

* * *

One of America's most famous toy shops has quietly opened in Hong Kong. Remember the Tom Hanks movie Big, in which he dances on a giant piano keyboard at a huge store? That's FAO Schwarz. The US firm has opened an invitation-only branch in Hong Kong at the offices of a company called ThreeSixty to test the concept before launching across Asia.

At the same time, the Asian branch of Toys R Us has completed its divorce from its bankrupt US parent, and is also planning massive expansion across Asia.

Toy shop price wars are coming -excellent news for parents.

* * *

Only a matter of time before this happens:

Priest: "If anyone has a reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Voice from the back of the church: "He streams K-pop."

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