How to annoy everyone on your plane

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 19 Dec 2018

A trio of K-pop fans from Hong Kong and China bought tickets in the first and business class cabins of a Korean Air flight from Hong Kong to Seoul at the weekend.

When they saw members of Wanna One (a K-pop band) join the flight, they leapt out of their seats to talk to them, the UK's Daily Telegraph reported.

Having met their idols face-to-face, the fans decided they no longer needed to go to Korea - and demanded to be let off the plane.

Aircrew pleaded with them to remain. If they got off, aviation law required all passengers to disembark and go through security again.

The trio declined to cooperate. So everyone did have to get off and get back on.

Back in the Hong Kong airport building, the cheeky trio went to Korean Airlines staff, handed over their tickets, and got their money back.

What a sneaky, despicable trick. Why didn't I think of it?

* * *

A young woman in Hong Kong advertised her, er, companionship on a "seeking sugar daddy" website and got a response from a top Australian politician, it was revealed yesterday.

Andrew Broad, 43, took her to dinner at the fancy Aqua restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The young woman, a Westerner who called herself Sweet Sophia Rose, turned out to be not sweet at all.

She spilled the beans about their dalliance to the Australian media, and Broad, who is married, resigned.

A man who does things like that is not fit to represent Australia, Sophia told the media.

But wait. She was the one advertising her services on the sugar daddy website.

Makes no sense, right?

* * *

The scale of love scams in Hong Kong is shocking, Secretary for Security John Lee revealed on Monday. In one particular case, a romance scamster cheated a Hong Kong person out of HK$180 million, he said.

That's a lot of dinners at Aqua.

* * *

Action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme was recently spotted in Hong Kong - although he was heading to get the helicopter to Macau.

Fans will be disappointed to learn that he was expected to fly inside the helicopter, instead of hanging underneath it by one hand.

* * *

Hong Kong politician and gay rights activist Ray Chan yesterday complained that someone was circulating an internet post pretending he had said this: "When Hong Kong becomes independent, I will outlaw heterosexual marriage, and all heterosexual couples will be sent to jail."

He never suggested this.

Although most of my activist friends totally love the idea.

* * *

The government sent out a notice yesterday about maternity leave for staff of "caput schools". In English (and many other languages), "caput" means "dead or destroyed".

Is this another example of the government's love of baffling, archaic language?

Or do the new rules on maternity leave also apply to schools that are dead or dying?

* * *

Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently erected a picture of a rebar tying machine, next to a headline saying "Rebar Tying Machine" and an explanation: "Rebar tying machine is fully automatic machine to tie rebar."

It's only a matter of time before we see an announcement like this: "TONITE: The Tautology Society will meet tonight at 1900 hours o'clock pm this evening tonight at 7 pm o'clock tonight."

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