Big bite by cash hurler

Top News | Charlotte Luo 19 Dec 2018

The man behind an extraordinary cash giveaway in Sham Shui Po at the weekend was back in action yesterday, only this time he was giving away meal coupons worth HK$92,000.

Wong Ching-kit, 24, had spent 30 hours in the district's police station for acts that some saw as a sort of charity while officers described it as "disorderly conduct in a public place."

After hurling HK$100 notes from a rooftop on Saturday, Wong - said to have made money in crypto-currency trading - went to a street corner in the district next day and handed out HK$500 bills.

Estimates of the money he unloaded ranged from HK$100,000 to four times that amount.

Released on bail and told to report back to police next month, Wong promptly announced on his Facebook page that he would buy meal coupons and give them away, also in Sham Shui Po.

Many residents in a district where there are plenty of needy turned out to watch him buy the coupons. Police were also there to maintain order as he handed them out.

But having broadcast his coupon plan on Facebook, Wong said he was now taking advice from restaurant owner Chan Cheuk-ming and would keep a low profile next time he does charity work.

Asked about how he views people who lose money on crypto-currency investments, Wong said the world is made up of buyers and sellers. He then hoped everyone who had the means would help in charity work.

Speaking while seated behind the wheel of his Lamborghini parked near his residence in Sai Kung, Wong also said: "I'm out [of police custody]. I'm fine. My car is fine."

In another post, Wong expressed a wish to challenge ways deals are done.

"Hong Kong needs a person to promote change," he said. "Unite, Hong Kong people. Hit industry scams in finance and stocks."

Interestingly, under Wong's previous name, Kwan Tze-kit, there is a record of theft. He was ordered to do 160 hours of community service for stealing a cellphone.

Wong had in fact studied in a school in Sham Shui Po until secondary six. He was living in public housing - not in Sham Shui Po - and then worked in a fast-food diner and on construction sites.

He and a friend named Chan also conducted swimming classes. And while they were teaching one day in August 2012 they stole a student's cellphone.

The new-look Wong now talks about making a fortune from Bitcoin investments. But a while back when giving a talk on crypto-currencies to dozens of people, Eastweek magazine claimed, Wong was selling "worthless" products and charging large sums in management fees.

And a crypto-currency expert said a product Wong sold, Filecash Coin, traded only on small platforms. There were doubts about its transparency and security, the expert said, and the price was easily manipulated.

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