Murder-suicide likely in deaths of couple

Local | Charlotte Luo and Cindy Wan 7 Dec 2018

A dispute between a separated couple over a public housing flat led to what looked to police like a murder-suicide in Wah Fu Estate, Aberdeen.

Yuen Yui-tsang, 64, was discovered hanging in the flat by a daughter while wife Wai Yau-lin, 63, was dead with multiple injuries to her head.

Initial investigations by police included trying to determine if Yuen used a crowbar to attack Wai. For a 45-centimeter crowbar was found near Wai's body.

The grisly scene was discovered at around 10pm on Wednesday after the couple's daughter knocked on the front door for over an hour without any answer.

So she hired a locksmith to open the door, which was when she saw her father hanging while her mother was sprawled on the floor with multiple injuries to her head.

She called police, and her parents were later certified dead at the scene.

The flat at Wah Sang House was where the family lived before the couple separated - but did not divorce - some 10 years ago.

Wai was living in a rented flat in Sheung Wan with the daughter, 31, while the couple's 33-year-old son lives elsewhere.

It was established that the wife went to the estate on Tuesday to talk over matters relating to the flat, but the discussion apparently developed into an quarrel.

Neighbors reported hearing a loud altercation between Yuen and Wai, which lasted for more than an hour.

The children knelt on the ground outside the flat and cried after discovering that their parents were dead.

They claimed the bodies at Victoria Public Mortuary yesterday.

Yuen was a security guard at a parking lot at Wah Fu Estate while Wai was a housewife.

Man Yu-ming, chairman of the Federation of Public Housing Estates, said a married couple must divorce in order for the Housing Authority's household-splitting policy to be activated.

That usually means a flat will be awarded to the parent who raises the children while the other has to move into a smaller flat.

Should the children also move away from a family flat both parents should move into smaller flats.

If both parties are agreeing to a divorce, Man added, it takes between eight months and a year to complete a agreement on a flat. But if one person resists a divorce it will take longer than two years to complete the splitting procedure.

Also yesterday, the body of a man was recovered from the sea around 8am in front of Wah Kwai Estate, near Aberdeen.

Police began a murder investigation as knife wounds were found on the body.

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