Activists 'abducted' in labor crackdown

China | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 12 Nov 2018

A Chinese labor rights group said at least 10 of its supporters were detained by police in several cities across the country in the latest apparent crackdown against its activists.

Student-led activism from China's top universities has surged in recent years, as young college students rally behind labor rights and unions despite pressure from universities and police.

The Jasic Workers Solidarity group, which supports workers at welding machinery firm Jasic Technology, said the activists were detained by police on Friday night.

Five were graduates of Peking University - one of the country's top-ranked institutions. One of the graduates, Zhang Shengye, was "kidnapped" on the school campus, the group alleged in its statement.

An eyewitness and Peking University student claimed that more than 10 people in dark-colored clothing beat Zhang before dragging him into a black car.

"They hit him hard and quickly got Zhang under control," he said.

A few other students who were passing by were also beaten. They were forced to the ground, and stopped from taking photos or speaking.

Aside from Zhang, four other Peking University graduates went missing Friday after police raided homes in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the group said.

In Shenzhen, two people who operated a non-profit group for young workers, and staff members, were taken by police as well, the group said.

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