Localist leader Leung faces Mong Kok riot charges

Local | Sophie Hui 9 Nov 2018

Localist leader Edward Leung Tin-kei appeared in the High Court yesterday with four others to face charges of rioting during the Mong Kok unrest two years ago.

One of the defendants, Yuen Chi-kui, pleaded guilty to two counts of rioting, and one count of arson before Judge Albert Wong Sung-hau.

The others, Lee Nok-man, Lam Ngo-hin, Yung Wai-ip and Leung, pleaded not guilty.

Leung, Lee and Lam pleaded not guilty to counts of rioting on Portland Street, while Yung, also known as "Captain America," denied four counts of rioting, one count of inciting others to take part in an unlawful assembly, one of taking part in an unlawful assembly, and one of assaulting a police officer.

The trial is expected to last 70 days.

Yuen, who is the fifth defendant, took part in a riot on Portland Street and Shantung Street on February 8 to 9, 2016. He also set fire to a rubbish bin at the junction of Sai Yee Street and Shantung Street.

He was remanded in custody after yesterday's hearing. His mitigation and sentence will be heard when the trial is over.

News footage and video recorded by police were played. The court was told that on February 9, 2016, at 1.31am, Yuen, who was wearing a black headband, a white face mask and a black long-sleeve shirt, stood at the front of the crowd at the junction on Portland Street and Shantung Street.

He was also holding a white metal stick in his hand, and threw water bottles at the police.

Later, he took the shield passed by people at the back, and stood in front of the police cordon, with the metal stick and a shield. He also kicked a rubbish bin towards the police cordon, then picked up a potted plant and threw it at the police.

About 12 minutes later, Yuen followed the call of Ray Wong Toi-yeung, and charged the police cordon with the crowd. Yuen stabbed the metal stick at the police many times. At least three police officers were injured when the crowd charged the officers.

Later, the crowd moved to Shantung Street. At about 3.30pm, Yuen, who pulled down his mask to his chin, and wore a eye protector, scolded police while holding a bamboo pole used for scaffolding. He also threw a silver metal bottle at the police.

Yuen also place objects to block the road at the junction of Portland Street and Shantung Street.

At 7.15am, about 50 people gathered at the junction of Sai Yee Street and Shantung Street, where Yuen was in the crowd. There were fires and many items on the road. Yuen put cardboard-like objects in the fire twice.

CCTV footage showed Yuen going home in Sau Mau Ping.

On February 27, 2016, police arrested him for rioting at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill.

The hearing continues today.


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