Ruthless killer gets life

Top News | Sophie Hui 9 Nov 2018

Justice eventually prevails. With that, High Court judge Patrick Li Hon-leung put a butcher away for life after a murder in which the body had not been found.

Butcher Ngan Wing-chau, 52, had been found guilty by a jury - five votes against two - of killing a 62-year-old security guard, Chan Sau-wa, who was the aunt of his ex-wife.

The jury, by a 6-1 vote, also found him guilty of preventing the lawful burial of a body.

Outside the court, Chan's son said the sentence was a comfort, but it was regrettable that his mother's body was never found.

"Regarding this result, I believe my mother will feel comforted in heaven," he said. He also thanked police for investigating and arresting the killer.

It is understood the son can finally arrange a funeral for his mother two years after the murder.

The judge described the case as chilling and slammed Ngan for his cruel and nonrepentant attitude. He said Ngan was "ruthless and calculative."

Li said it was disgusting to see Ngan lie repeatedly in court, insulting public morality, so he had no compassion for Ngan.

He said Ngan dismembered and discarded Chan's body to cover up his crimes. These actions were shameless and disrespectful, creating devastating harm to the victim's family.

"Justice may be slow," Li said, "but it will come eventually."

Li also appreciated police insistence on investigating the case, and the CCTV system that had filmed Ngan, otherwise the defendant could have escaped justice.

Ngan remained calm while listening to the judgment.

Li also sentenced the butcher to a maximum seven-year term in jail for preventing the legal burial of the deceased, which will run concurrently with his life sentence.

Ngan's lawyer had asked the judge to impose a sentence for the charge of preventing the lawful burial of a body of three years or below. The lawyer said Ngan did not offer any comment to mitigate for his murder count.

The prosecution read out Ngan's background, saying Ngan is married in the mainland and he has a son and a daughter.

The court was told that Ngan had been jailed several times in the past for illegal immigration and possession of a forged Hong Kong identity card.

After being released from prison in June 2011, Ngan had been working as a meat cutter in a frozen-meat-shop in Shek Kip Mei.

Earlier, the court was told that Ngan murdered Chan in his home at Iskra Building on Cheung Sha Wan Road in Sham Shui Po on May 1, 2016.

Chan went missing after work on May 1. Her son called police two days later. Ngan was arrested later after they found Chan's blood stains in his home.

The CCTV system filmed Ngan going in and out of the building multiple times, carrying plastic bags and a suitcase, and a hammer on his last trip.

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