Fans sound fund-scam alert after death of beloved star

Top News | Phoenix Un 5 Nov 2018

A fan club of the artist Yammie Lam Kit-ying has cautioned the public on scams, saying it did not initiate any fund-raising but has seen such claims on the internet.

Lam, 55, who suffered from mood issues and was allegedly raped during her acting days, was found to have died in her public housing flat at Leung Ma House in Stanley on Saturday.

The retiree was believed to have fainted in her toilet and was not discovered until two days later.

However, the mainland fan club of Lam saw some online fund-raising campaigns in the name of Lam at the weekend and announced on its Weibo account that it had nothing to do with the campaigns.

"The fan club has held no fund-raising activities for the time being, so please beware of any fraud," it said.

Lam was a Catholic who was baptized in March 2013, given the Christian name Maria, and attended masses at St Anne's Church in the district.

A friend, Miss Chu, said Lam was a good Catholic, but had been attending services less frequently in recent days due to declining health. "She was easily exhausted, but she was mentally alert," said Chu.

Lam enrolled in a TVB artist training course in 1983 and after graduation got many chances to perform. She was called "the most beautiful on the five-station hill."

Five-station hill was a name given to Broadcast Drive located on a hill. All five broadcasters in Hong Kong back in the 1970s and 80s - TVB, Asia TV, Commercial Television, Commercial Radio and RTHK - were based on the road. Lam was widely accepted as the most beautiful artist.

She found many good drama scripts. She played the stepmother in the TV drama The Greed of Man in 1992 who was harassed for decades by the legendary antagonist Ting Hai.

After acting in the two-part movie A Chinese Odyssey in 1995, Lam withdrew from the entertainment industry. Speculation about her mood issue was that it was the post-traumatic harm from separate alleged rapes by two heavyweights of the Hong Kong movie industry.

In a video leaked in 2013, Lam said she was raped by the two on separate occasions in Singapore, with the names of the two men wiped out. Since then the two actors have never returned to Singapore.

Earlier this year a mainland reporter publicized a video he claimed to be the raw footage of the 2013 video, in which the names were clearly heard.

Lam was bankrupt in 2005 due to a long-term lack of jobs and lived on the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance scheme.

She moved into Leung Ma House in Stanley and distanced herself from the spotlight.

However, Lam was still chased and harassed by paparazzi for more than a decade.

They took many pictures which showed Lam, with white hair, smoking cigarettes and eating dim sum like an ordinary citizen.

Wai Ka-fai, producer of The Greed of Man, praised Lam as a diligent actress who was concerned about her performance.

"She discussed with me acting in every scene," he said.

Actor and singer Andy Lau Tak-wah, a good friend of Lam, said it is hard to hear news of his friend's death.

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