Rescuers press search for Kowloon Peak hiker

Local | Jane Cheung 31 Oct 2018

Rescuers are still searching for a 25-year-old woman after she reported losing her way on Kowloon Peak on Monday night while hiking alone.

About 30 people from the police, Fire Services Department and Civil Aid Service were searching the area yesterday, aided by a helicopter.

The woman dialed 112 and called for emergency help at around 6pm on Monday and said she was lost on Kowloon Peak.

She said she began hiking from Jat's Incline in the afternoon, but subsequently lost her way.

Her phone connection was poor and distorted. To make matters worse, the battery of her mobile was fully drained and rescuers lost contact with her.

A helicopter was dispatched and its searchlight employed, together with rescuers to search for her.

The rescue mission was suspended at 10pm on Monday and resumed at 9am yesterday.

Officers from the Police Tactical Unit also joined the search, while firemen and Civil Aid Service personnel were spotted combing Suicide Cliff, a landmark at the peak.

Last week, six school girls aged between 16 and 17 were rescued from Kowloon Peak.

One girl was injured on Monday and airlifted in a helicopter, but her friends continued hiking and got lost in the evening.

They were rescued by a helicopter on Tuesday morning.

Chung Kin-man, founder of the Hong Kong Mountaineering Training Center, said citizens should never hike alone.

"According to experience, most accidents happen when a person hikes alone," he said.

He said hikers should always wear appropriate attire.

"People should wear anti-slip shoes, not just anything they wear to jog," he said.

Chung also asked people to plan ahead before going on a hike.

"Don't just rely on online maps on mobile phones. There is no mobile signal in mountains," he said. "These are hiking rules that apply to all hills and mountains."

Chung said Kowloon Peak is not a difficult hiking trail, but added that there are multiple ways to get up the hill. Some of the routes may be difficult for beginners.

"Hikers can go up from Pak Fa Lam Road in Clearwater Bay," he said.

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