Yangtze River Piano Concert brings Milanese master to Hong Kong

| 12 Oct 2018

Organized by Hong Kong Music Tutors Union and sponsored by Parsons Music Corporation, Yangtze River Piano Concert will be bringing esteemed Milanese pianist Vincenzo Balzani to Hong Kong in November, performing classic pieces by Debussy, Chopin, and Liszt.

A first-class honors graduate from "Verdi" conservatory of music in Milan while learning from the acclaimed pianist Alberto Mozzati, Vincenzo Balzani has been winning prestigious national and international prizes starting from a young age, including 'Pozzoli' in Seregno, 'Citta di Treviso', and 'F. P. Neglia' in Enna.

As a versatile concert artist, he has performed globally at the most prestigious theatres and festivals, and has often served as the judge for international competitions. Currently, he is the Professor of Piano at "Verdi" conservatory of music in Milan, and is the founder and artistic director of "Piano friends" association in Milan.

In remembrance of Debussy who passed away in 1918, Balzani will be performing his '12 preludes (II livre)'. He will also give an admiring interpretation to 'Ballade No.1 in g minor Op.23' and '12 etudes, Op.10' by Chopin, as well as Liszt's 'Polonaise E major', 'Sonetto 104 del Petrarca', and 'Rigoletto - paraphrase.'

The concert organizer, Hong Kong Music Tutors Union, is a registered charitable trust established in 1997. With a strong commitment to public education, the union has been organizing various seminars, classes, concerts, and competitions to promote the public's awareness of different musical genres.

The official piano provider, Yangtze River Piano, is the epitome of Chinese instrument craftsmanship. The brand currently exports to over 40 countries, including Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US.

By marrying high-quality imported materials and admirable workmanship, Yangtze River has mastered the traditionally Western craft of piano making and turned it into its own. Meanwhile, the company employs many foreign talents and cooperates with other overseas piano manufacturers to master the latest technologies.

As a professional instrument manufacturer, Yangtze River does not only strive for excellence in its own work, but also the promotion of classical music to the general public. Apart from hosting national events, the brand also frequently organizes concerts on an international scale.

Since 2016, Yangtze River Piano concerts have been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin, and other Chinese cities, featuring acclaimed pianists such as Mikhail Voskresensky from Russia and Leonel Morales from Spain.

By inviting international masters to perform with these stunning pieces of instruments, the concerts will be a perfect demonstration of Yangtze River's remarkable achievement and supreme craftsmanship.

Info Box

Yangtze River Piano Concert - VINCENZO BALZANI (Hong Kong Station)

Date: 13 Nov, 2018 (Tue)

Time: 7:45pm

Location: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Tickets: $480, $380, $280, $180

Program inquiries: 3150 0357

Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661

Online ticketing: www.urbtix.hk

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