Pay rise set at stressed schools

Top News | Sophie Hui 11 Oct 2018

The education sector will get additional expenditure of HK$4.7 billion.

Of that exceeding an initial HK$3.4 billion projection, Carrie Lam said: "We won't haggle over resources needed, nor will we trim measures due to resource constraints."

The funding will go to new measures that include an "all-graduate teaching force policy" from the next school year at a cost of HK$1.5 billion.

Sources said it benefits 9,400 teachers in certificated posts in the form of pay rises.

Although nearly all teachers have a university degree, only 85 percent of secondary school teachers and 65 percent in primary schools are working in graduate posts.

Principals and vice-principals in primary schools will also get pay rises with HK$500 million to improve middle-management manpower.

Strengthening administrative support for the public sector and direct subsidy schools will cost HK$570 million a year.

Schools will also be getting a new HK$900 million recurrent Life-wide Learning Grant for more experiential learning activities outside the classrooms and in areas like science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

Another HK$800 million will be available each year to support students with special needs, including introducing school-based speech therapists in phases.

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