Carter bets against Trump in 2020

Top News | Staff reporter 19 Sep 2018

Former US president Jimmy Carter is less than impressed with current Sino-US relations and hopes incumbent President Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election.

He made the comments in an interview with Hong Kong journalist Michael Chugani in Atlanta for TVB Pearl's Straight Talk Show yesterday.

Carter criticized Trump for damaging the United States' relationship with China by launching a trade war and said the two countries' differences should have been ironed out through discussions between top officials.

"Well, we have differences on trade philosophy and how to handle it," Carter said. "But these things should be worked out in an amicable and peaceful and mutually respectful way by discussions between top leaders.

"And then the changing of any trade relationships that we decide jointly should be changed - but not to have a war between the two countries economically, which I think is damaging to both and counterproductive to the good relationship between China and the US which is extremely important."

Believing that China will become the No 1 economy in the world, Carter said other countries will look to both the United States and the mainland to take a leadership role in the future.

However, he has no confidence in Trump and said the United States will not be able to maintain its leading role under the present administration in Washington.

He blamed Trump for making serious errors in judgment in international affairs, particularly in dealing with China, European countries and other key trading partners.

He added that Trump should build mutual trust and respect with North Korea and restrict its development of nuclear weapons as the United States did with Iran. "I think it's going to require a change, which I hope will come in the year 2020."

He added: "After China had a brief incursion into Vietnam in 1979, not once in the last 39 years has China been at war with anybody. So I think basically China is a peaceful nation and I hope I'm right in that."

To mend Sino-US relations, Carter said the first step is to build mutual respect and seek out similarities between the two countries.

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