Chinese crunch for Apple in iPhone launch

Central Station | 14 Sep 2018

State-owned media were outraged after discovering Apple Inc juxtaposed Taiwan and Hong Kong without adding China behind them in a launch of its latest iPhones.

Apple launched the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on Wednesday, and will it be available in stores on September 21.

But state-owned media pinpointed the "mistake" in the countries and regions where the phones would be available.

The Global Times posted an anger-filled article on its Wechat account, titled "What do you mean by that in your launching ceremony, Apple?"They accused the tech giant of double standards as it simultaneously put "US Virgin Islands" on the screen.

"Why couldn't you put 'China' in front of Hong Kong and Taiwan so that more people will understand that Hong Kong and Taiwan are within Chinese boundaries?" it wrote.

Guancha Syndicate also posted an article that Apple lacked "basic common sense." It also criticized the company's "arrogance in neglecting the sovereignty of China."

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