Bubbly for out of this world

Central Station | 13 Sep 2018

Future space tourists may be able to toast the view from orbit with fine champagne after designers came up with a high-tech bottle made for knocking back bubbly in zero gravity.

The Mumm champagne house teamed up with designer Octave de Gaulle to develop the space-age bottles.

In zero gravity, the challenge is simply to get the wine out of the bottle.

De Gaulle came up with a bottle divided into two chambers.

The champagne is in the upper portion, while below is a finger-controlled valve which uses the champagne's own carbon dioxide to eject small amounts of wine which emerges as foam.

Jean-Francois Clervoy, whose company operates the Airbus Zero-G used for a mid-air wine-tasting, said the moment the foam turns to liquid in the mouth is a sensation that can't be matched on earth.

"It's really magical because the champagne lands not just on your tongue but on the palate, the cheeks - the gastronomic sensations are magnified," he said.

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