Missing logo doesn't fly online

Central Station | 13 Sep 2018

Plane crazy! The Airport Authority was criticized for removing a "China Airlines" logo from a plane in a Facebook post.

On Tuesday, the authority posted a photo of a Boeing 747 without the airline's logo and introduced it as the "queen of the skies."

However, it soon took down the photo and reposted another photo with the Taiwanese airline's logo. This prompted online speculation the authority went through self-censorship to avoid the politically sensitive topic.

Even after the reposting, some questioned if it was the original photo or whether the logo was photoshopped.

"Good photoshop skills. You guys nailed it," one sarcastic comment went.

An authority spokesman said the post was an attempt to introduce citizens to the Boeing aircraft, thus the logo of the airline was removed.

"The authority saw the picture aroused attention and subsequently reuploaded the original photo," he said.

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