Checking your body's inner clock

Central Station | 12 Sep 2018

Ever feel like it's 7 am when the clock says 9 am?

Well, researchers at Northwestern University say they have designed a blood test to measure a person's inner body clock within 1 hours.

The "circadian rhythm" governs all cells in the body, and is a burgeoning field of research. Three US geneticists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine last year for discovering the molecules that drive the process.

This biological clock, says assistant professor of biostatistics Rosemary Braun, regulates "all sorts of biological processes - when you feel sleepy and hungry, when your immune system is active, when your blood pressure is high, when your body temp changes."

When not regulated properly, research shows a link to diseases like Alzheimer's, heart problems and diabetes.

The researchers took more than 1,100 blood samples from 73 people for the study. Samples were taken every two hours and gene activity was tested to see how it changed over a day.

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