Frozen sushi corpse: Son accused of murdering abusive dad, wife held for stuffing body in freezer

Top News | Stella Wong 12 Sep 2018

A woman helped stuff the body of her husband into a sushi freezer - where it remained for three months - after he was stabbed by their eldest son who was trying to stop him from bashing his mother during a domestic dispute in Taiwan.

After trying to put the blame on herself, the woman admitted yesterday her 24-year-old son had killed her husband.

He was arrested for murder and for abandoning a corpse while his mother was accused of trying to conceal the identity of an offender and destruction of evidence.

The incident happened at about 9 am on June 4 when the couple were arguing over debts in an apartment above their sushi shop in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.

Their eldest son heard the noise and rushed upstairs to try to smooth things over.

But his 47-year-old father was allegedly trying to slash his mother with a machete and then threatened to kill both of them.

The son then snatched the machete from his father and cut him in the neck and body several times, he recounted in a confession to police.

Although he claimed he did not mean to kill his father, the son had suggested putting the body in the freezer.

He bought rope and kindling material from a supermarket, and after wrapping the body in a quilt and securing it with rope he dragged it downstairs to the ground floor.

He and his mother then stuffed the body into a freezer used for storing ingredients for sushi.

The next day the son drove to the countryside and burnt his father's bloodstained clothes.

He also threw the machete into the Agongdian Reservoir.

The family reported the man as missing in July, but a policeman who was familiar with the family suspected there was more to the case.

And when the officer returned to the family's home to speak to the woman on Monday she confessed her husband had been killed. Police opened the freezer that night and found the frozen corpse.

Funeral service workers then had to spend two hours working with a hammer, an ice chisel ice, hot water and a hair dryer to free the corpse by Monday night. The still-frozen body was then sent to a funeral home along with the quilt.

Police were continuing to delve into the freezer yesterday morning as ice melted.

Investigating officers said they believed the son had not planned to murder his father.

They also said the father had spent NT$40 million (HK$10.1 million) he inherited from his family buying cars and drinking. And he was in debt to the tune of more than NT$3.5 million.

A file from a Kaohsiung domestic violence and sexual assault prevention center recorded the father brandishing a knife and shouting at another son after he had been drinking in November 2016.

The couple had been married for more than 20 years and had four children, three sons and a daughter.

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