Charge for brolly bags urged

Central Station | 11 Sep 2018

A proposal has been put forward to charge people 50 HK cents for umbrella bags.

Greeners Action is calling for one-off plastic umbrella bags to fall under the levy scheme.

This comes after tit interviewed 867 people between July 14 and August 1, and found that 63 percent of them had a habit of using umbrella bags.

More than 70 percent of respondents were aware of the adverse impact umbrella bags have on the environment, but half of them used it for convenience, while a quarter did so since it's free.

Surprisingly, only 22 percent admitted to drying their umbrellas naturally.

Project officer Kristie Lo Tsz-kiu said many countries, such as South Korea, include umbrella bags in their plastic reduction policies, and advised Hong Kong to follow suit.

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