News of ocean cleanup is no garbage

Central Station | 10 Sep 2018

A Maersk Launcher ship towing a long floating boom designed to corral ocean plastic set sail from San Francisco ahead of a trip to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Run by Dutch non-profit group The Ocean Cleanup, it hopes to get half of the infamous garbage patch within five years when all systems are deployed.

The trial run is the culmination of five years' preparation and testing, according to Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of the group.

"The main mission is to show that it works, and hopefully then in a few months from now, the first plastics will arrive back into port, which means that it becomes proven technology," he said.

The patch, discovered by scientists in the 70s, is a floating trash pile twice the size of France that swirls in the ocean halfway between California and Hawaii. It is believed to contain some 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

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