Cheung just can't leave paternity issue alone

Central Station | 10 Aug 2018

Liberal Party lawmaker and Executive Councilor Tommy Cheung Yu-yan is earnestly ducking for cover after his adverse remark about paternity leave unwittingly kicked up a storm.

Even ex-Liberal Party chairman James Tien Pei-chun took issue with Cheung as debates about paternity leave rage on, with the number of days that newly-minted fathers can take set to increase from three to five.

In defending himself yesterday, Cheung put forward the argument that he's not as bad a person as he sounds.

"On many occasions, what I said did not reflect my own opinions," said Cheung, who represents the catering sector. "I can't speak freely. I have to listen to the views of my sector and reflect their opinions."

However, he shot himself in the foot again in reiterating his stance that paternity leave isn't necessary.

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