Must real men wear boxers, not briefs?

Central Station | 10 Aug 2018

Men trying to become a father the usual way are better off wearing loose underwear, a new study confirms.

Compared to men who favor snug briefs, devotees of boxer shorts have a significantly higher count and concentration of sperm, researchers say in the journal Human Reproduction. Sperm are also more lively and levels of a reproductive hormone more favorable to generating offspring.

Researchers at the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health in Boston examined 656 men of normal weight and aged 18 to 56 whose partners were seeking infertility treatment to reach a conclusion that matched an earlier study with a smaller sample size.

Sperm production requires an environment three to four degrees Celsius below body temperature. This explains the design of the free-hanging male scrotum, which is, in effect, a cooling system that places the sperm-making testes outside the main body cavity. Anything that prevents cooling is likely to impair sperm output and quality.

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