Legco president survives vote

Local | Phoenix Un 13 Jul 2018

Legislative Council president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen survived a vote of no confidence against him following the co-location controversy.

Legislator Joseph Lee Kok-long of the Professionals Guild moved the motion yesterday, which stated that Leung abused his power during the lawmaking process of the co-location bill last month.

Leung had been criticized for disallowing legislators to speak during the second reading resumption and Committee of the Whole Council meeting, which was guaranteed under the Rules of Procedure.

He was also lambasted for disregarding the points of order the pan-democrats suggested, and successfully passed the controversial bill within two weeks.

"The Rules of Procedures had stated the power of the president, and he thought he could do things not stated there. If so, Leung exacerbated his authoritarianism, and rule over legislators with paternalism," Lee said.

However, pro-establishment legislators defended president Leung. Business and Professionals Alliance colleague Priscilla Leung Mei-fun said: "If the pan-democrats didn't use nine hours for the adjournment motion, they would have had time to speak during the second reading."

Despite the hostilities between the two camps, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor praised her own style of governance for significantly increasing the number of bills approved in the legislature last year compared with the year before.

She said 27 bills were passed in 2017/18, a significant increase from the 12 that were given the green light in 2016/17.

"Some of the bills passed were very controversial, including the co-location arrangement bill and Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill," Lam said.

Meanwhile, legislator Claudia Mo Man-ching challenged Lam's comments regarding the release of Liu Xia, the widow of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Liu Xia arrived in Berlin on Wednesday.

"She (Liu Xia) was finally released as a clear political and diplomatic favor, but Carrie Lam had the cheek to actually call it 'an expression of humanitarianism'," Mo said.

Lam stood by what she said.

The vote of no confidence motion was vetoed after it failed to get a majority in both functional and geographical constituencies.


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