Touching story about naked Stormy

Central Station | 13 Jul 2018

Porn star Stormy Daniels, locked in a court battle with President Donald Trump over an alleged sexual relationship, was arrested while performing naked at a strip club.

Daniels, 39, was grabbed by cops at the Sirens in Columbus, Ohio, for allowing patrons to touch her in a "non-sexual" way, her lawyer says.

Michael Avenatti adds that Daniels has performed identically at nearly 100 strips clubs across America, but Ohio has a law known as the Community Defense Act that prohibits anyone who isn't a family member touching a nude or semi-nude dancer. "This was a setup and politically motivated," Avenatti says. "It reeks of desperation."

Daniels - real name Stephanie Clifford - is suing Trump and his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to nullify a 2016 non-disclosure agreement preventing her from speaking out about the affair she says she had with Trump in 2006.

Just days before the 2016 election, Cohen paid Daniels US$130,000 (HK$1.01 million) in exchange for her silence. She is hopes to have the gag lifted as Trump did not sign it.

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