Staying cool on executive track

| Siu Sai-wo 15 May 2018

Cycling has become very popular locally, and I've just found out Bevis Leung Wai-shing, executive director of Urban Property Management, is an aficionado of the activity.

He told me over lunch last week how he once rode his bicycle down the steep and winding road at Tai Mo Shan at considerable speed and was in a sweat when he reached the foot of the 957-meter mountain. For the feat was not only physically draining but hair-raising.

That was in his younger days, though, when he often did speed-riding on a bike worth more than HK$10,000. But after seeing a friend crash he became more cautious.

At 62 he still loves the sport, but not for the thrill of speed or just riding. He concentrates on assembling high-performance bikes for other athletes.

Bicycles nowadays have sophisticated designs like a 15-speed gear mechanism, which can be shifted at speed, and brand-name companies producing high-end frames.

As an increasing number of people take up cycling we hear about accidents from time to time, involving injuries or even death.

Leung says the belief a helmet protects adequately in an accident is a misconception.

In fact, he says, when cycling at speed a helmet's function is mainly aerodynamic, and the protection it can offer against injury is limited. The best safeguard is to be on the alert constantly for hazard and changes in road conditions.

Anyway, as a senior manager of a large company he naturally refrains from behaving like a daredevil.

Urban Property was established in 1981, but its roots can be traced to 1965 when it managed Mei Foo Sun Chuen.

Leung observes that the property management market is more open now. In fact, independent firms may even bid for estate jobs against a developer's property management arm.

Also, he says, the imminent implementation of a licensing regime for property managers and supervisors is good for the development of the industry.

Siu Sai-wo is publisher of Sing Tao Daily

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