Time runs out for meter maids

Central Station | 12 Apr 2018

The Gold Coast's iconic meter maids, famous for their flowing locks and gold bikinis, have accused Commonwealth Games organizers of booting them off the streets during the competition.

The women have been a feature of the Australian holiday hotspot since the 1960s, topping up parking meters to help beach-goers avoid fines.

But meter maids chief Roberta Aitchison has slammed Games organizers for allegedly preventing her staff from working.

"The Commonwealth Games for the meter maids has been a bullying

experience," the 63-year-old said. "The meter maids have been around for 53 years and are iconic to the whole of the Gold Coast. We add that little bit of sex appeal, glitz and glamour to the beautiful beaches," added Aitchison.

"[The organizers] have directed the council to get us off the streets. We feel a little bit like homeless people."

Games chief organizer Peter Beattie denied the claims about the meter maids. But they have been banned from asking for donations while posing for photos with tourists.

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