China power seen as timeless art

Central Station | 13 Mar 2018

The removal of presidential term limits on Xi Jingping will not impact Chinese culture, Ai Weiwei said while unveiling a huge artwork in Sydney.

The 60-year-old artist is campaigning against forced migration, which led to him presenting a 60-meter raft holding about 300 oversized human figures a day after Beijing removed presidential term limits from its constitution.

Xi's extended journey in power was the point of questions thrown Ai's way, leading him to say: "China has always been an imperial state. It doesn't matter if it's communist [or] capitalist. It's a fatalistic society the system and the culture stay the same."

And he does not fear a regime with "no end," saying: "Life is getting better. So many youngsters study outside. Ideas like respect for very basic human values are becoming more and more important for a society to maintain competition."

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