Yiu takes blame for surprise fall

Top News | Phoenix Un 13 Mar 2018

Pan-democrat Edward Yiu Chung-yim apologized to his supporters yesterday, saying a bad election strategy caused his defeat.

With experience as a legislator - no matter how short - Yiu was tagged the pan-democrat candidate with the best chance of winning. But he lost to Vincent Cheng Wing-shun of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.

He admitted to making mistakes during his campaign and expressed willingness to take all blame for the defeat.

"I fell behind by 1,700 [votes] in just two newly constructed public housing estates, a large portion of the 2,400 difference in votes, and I didn't go to booths in these two estates often," Yiu said.

The two estates were Kai Ching Estate and Tak Long Estate in Kai Tak South and Kai Tak North constituencies. He denied that the localist support - or his primary opponent Frederick Fung Kin-kee - contributed to his loss, saying the pan-democrat camp was wholly behind his campaign.

Some media and pan-democrat supporters blamed Fung and his Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood for "not doing their best to endorse Yiu." But a vote analysis showed otherwise.

Among the seven districts in Kowloon West that have ADPL members as district councillors, Yiu won in five of them.

And among those five, Yiu won with the largest margin in Nam Cheong East, where Kalvin Ho Kai-ming is a district councillor, defeating Cheng with 250 votes.

Yiu only lost in Tam Kwok-kiu's Nam Shan, Tai Hang Tung and Tai Hang Sai, by 137 votes, as well as Wai Woon-nam's Nam Cheong West, by a mere nine votes.

Yiu fell far behind Cheng - 3,405 votes - in just five districts with new public housing estates and old buildings: Kat Tak South, Kai Tak North, To Kwa Wan North, Oi Man and Hung Hom.

Political commentator Ivan Choy Chi-keung believes one of the reasons that contributed to Yiu's defeat was that he "parachuted into Kowloon West, lacking community work background, and did not find enough support from local power wielders."

Choy added: "There are some whom he didn't work with. For example he preferred getting [district councillor] Ramon Yuen Hoi-man instead of [legislator] Helena Wong Pik-wan, and Kalvin Ho instead of Frederick Fung.

"I believe[Yiu's side] doesn't like the older pan-democrats because they find them reactionary."

Choy also said Cheng basically got as many votes cast for the pro-establishment camp in the 2016 general election, showing he was good as a candidate.

Fung showed his anger on Facebook, saying some people are making the ADPL the scapegoat in Yiu's defeat.

"Some would like the ADPL to take the blame. Be smart even if you're looking for scapegoats!"


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