Paper makes a point on pay gap

World | 9 Mar 2018

Male readers of left-wing French daily Liberation were asked to pay 25 percent more for their paper yesterday to underscore the gender pay gap on International Women's Day.

The paper published two versions with different cover pages, one marked "for women, 2 euros, normal price" with a pictogram of a woman, the other marked "for men, 2.50 euros" with a pictogram of a man.

In a message, the paper noted that despite equal pay for equal work being enshrined by law since 1972, French women earn on average 25.7 percent less than men, according to a 2017 report from an inequality watchdog.

"To highlight this injustice, Liberation has decided to apply the same difference to its sale price for a day, meaning 50 cents more for men," it said. Profits from the operation would be donated to the non-governmental Equality Observatory.

Liberation said it was inspired by Canadian monthly Maclean's, which charged men more for its March edition - also to denounce the wage gap.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced plans to get tough on companies that pay women less.


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