Endurance race to North Pole

Central Station | Tracy Hu 9 Mar 2018

Ten runners from across Asia are being sponsored by local insurer FWD to compete in a race beyond the 89N parallel at the upcoming "FWD North Pole Marathon."

The race, which starts on April 9, features three runners from FWD Hong Kong. They are Hong Kong Half Marathon record holder Gi Ka-man, Gary Leung, a vision-impaired runner from the Fearless Dragon Runner Team who got the "Regeneration Warrior" award from the Regeneration Society and Andy Chik who ran in last year's marathon and will also act as guide runner for Leung, FWD Hong Kong's regional director, this year.

The seven others are Indonesia's Fedi Fianto, Japan's Kyo Satani, the Philippines' Luisito "Louie" Sangalang II, Singapore's Md Shariff Abdullah, Vietnam's Tang Nguyet Minh, as well as Ben Scully and Todd Latta from the FWD Group.

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