King Fernando keeps quiz crown

Central Station | 9 Mar 2018

Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung has been crowned the "king of questions" for the budget for the second successive year.

He submitted 1,000 written questions out of the 6,400 filed by all lawmakers this year.

Last year, he came up with 1,280 questions.

With the financial secretary refusing to dole out a cash handout, Cheung said he asked a lot of questions on how the government will help the disadvantaged, including children with special learning needs.

One that he asked again was how many died while waiting for elderly homes.

Lawmakers asked about 900 fewer questions. That may have to do with the disqualification of lawmakers, including "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung.

The first 3,300 questions will be answered the day before the Finance Committee meets on the budget on April 16.

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