No power in strongman's love lines

Central Station | 15 Feb 2018

The Thai junta chief's bid to woo people with a ballad titled Diamond Heart was a Valentine's Day flop.

With lines like "Did you know your smile is my happiness?" and "No matter how tired and difficult, let's hold hands", the song is the fourth number Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha has penned since his 2014 coup.

But the downbeat reception included a YouTube clip of the song receiving 14,000 thumbs down against 590 thumbs up by mid-afternoon.

"People with true diamond hearts would not lie day after day and seize power from a woman," a twitterer wrote, referring to the coup against Thailand's first woman premier, Yingluck Shinawatra.

But an official denied a connection between the song - sung by an army officer - to Valentine's Day, saying Prayut just wanted "to give support to people who do good deeds for the country."

Prayut, whose songwriting offers a rare hint of a soft side, has run Thailand with an iron fist since 2014. His musical debut, an ultra-patriotic number Return Happiness to Thailand, was on radio constantly after Yingluck was toppled.

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