Part-time driver an avid bus fan

Top News | Jane Cheung 12 Feb 2018

The 30-year-old driver Chan Ho-ming is an avid bus fan, and active on many online fan sites and forums. He even owns an old bus.

Although he describes himself as frugal in forums, he bought a retired bus without air-conditioning systems and named it "Ming Chan" in English. He also has an interest in cutting up old buses and studying their components.

Chan often shows off pictures of his bus on his Facebook page, along with his photo collection of old buses. His page was deleted soon after the accident on Saturday.

A friend said Chan had a bad driving attitude and that he knew Chan would get himself into trouble some day. But this friend was still shocked by the gravity of the accident.

A netizen was snapping buses near Sha Tin racecourse on Saturday and took pictures of the empty 872 bus at the car park. He saw Chan, who was wearing a face mask, chatting with a bus lover for a while before getting on the bus.

The netizen said he felt that the bus turned around at a high speed when Chan was driving away to pick up passengers.

When the bus arrived at the bus stop at Sha Tin racecourse, passengers were angry at Chan because he was 10 minutes behind schedule. Some passengers yelled obscenities at him and there were arguments between them and Chan.

Minutes after the accident, Chan replied in a WhatsApp group for bus drivers, saying he was fine but the crash would likely make headlines.

After reading Chan's response, a driver called for silence in the group as he thought Chan needed some space to calm down. Chan has not replied since.

Chan has been a bus driver at KMB for four years. He started as a full-time driver but switched to part time last September because he wanted more personal time.

He was assigned to work for four hours on Saturday and the accident happened during his last ride.

In August 2014, seven months after he joined KMB, he swiped a five-meter metal railing in Kwai Fong while driving on the 46X route. The front of the bus was severely damaged. A passenger was injured and a pedestrian was hit by metal chips off the bus.

The injured passenger blamed Chan for his poor driving attitude. Investigations showed the bus was being driven at nearly 50 kilometers an hour while making a turn. He was found guilty of careless driving.

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