Eight is more than enough for Pelosi

Central Station | 9 Feb 2018

Veteran Democrat lawmaker Nancy Pelosi made history in the US Congress for delivering the longest address in at least 108 years - a marathon eight-hour-and-seven-minute spiel.

Her impassioned plea for protection of young undocumented migrants from deportation kept her on and on, oblivious of time and not consuming anything except water in a determined display of her speaking prowess.

She earned a standing ovation and high fives from her House of Representatives colleagues for her remarkable feat.

"I just got word that the House historian confirms that you have now set the record for the longest continuous speech in the House since at least 1909," said Pelosi as she read aloud a message from a clerk in the course of her speech.

Before Pelosi's extended monologue, Champ Clark of Missouri held the record of the most long-winded speech in Congress as he spoke for five hours and 15 minutes in 1909.

Curiously, Pelosi did not violate any Congress rules with her record-busting speech.

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