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Property | 10 Jan 2018

C Hung

The all-new Lamborghini Urus was recently launched at the brand's expanded production facilities in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Bringing back all the images we see here was car reviewer Daniel Pang from Sing Tao Daily. Pang was the sole motoring journalist from Hong Kong invited to the launch party.

In total, 750 invited guests made their way to the party, among them 150 car journalists around the globe.

Not content with being told only of the carefully choreographed performance and speeches in the ceremony, The Standard cornered Pang one morning, eager to learn some behind-the-scene stories.

"The launch ceremony was not all smooth sailing. A screen-controlling mechanical arm decided to stop operating before the guests got the first glimpse of the Urus," Pang said, explaining the glitch.

"In the midst of the bemusement there was a suggestion that the program might be temporarily suspended, allowing technicians to reboot the system, but then Lamborghini's CEO Stefano Domenicali came forward, apologizing for the situation, and ordered the continuation of the evening's activities in manual mode."

Domenicali won applause for his minor crisis management. Pang reminded The Standard that the Italian used to make bold calls when leading one of the most celebrated teams in F1 just years before joining Lamborghini.

It is worth noting that the Sant'Agata Bolognese production facilities doubled their floor space in just about a year.

The expanded facilities are capable to produce up to 3,500 units of the Urus per year.

So what is there about the Urus? Lamborghini says it's a super SUV.

Technically, the starting point is the fact that the Lamborghini super SUV shares with the new Porsche Cayenne, and Bentley Bentayga a platform. Lest you forget, these luxury brands all belong to the VW Group.

The Urus comes with a choice of four- or five-seat configurations, said Pang, who noted that the Urus' roofline is "very low" for an SUV.

Having said that, the rear seats do have good headroom, added Pang.

At the time of launch the Urus features a four-liter twin-turbo V8, which is capable of producing 650ps and 86.6kgm respectively. It can propel the SUV to 305 km/h top speed, making the Urus very possibly the fastest SUV in the world.

Lamborghini also says that it's obsessed with innovation and technology. One just needs a peek at the digital instrument panel and the fighter-jet -inspired dashboard to get the idea.

A source close to Lamborghini Hong Kong told Pang that a production unit would arrive in Hong Kong in March for a preview, while the first batch can be delivered in the third quarter.

The Urus starts from 170,000 euros (HK$1.58 million) in Italy, but that's not including tax, and 3.13 million yuan (HK$3.75 million) in China. The price in Hong Kong has yet to be finalized.


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